Simona Blahutová
*23. 9. 1980 Zlín, lives and works in Prague

The recurring theme in my art is a Power and Zeitgeist, the spirit of the times.
My effort is to deal with selected events of modern history, which are often interpreted in terms of black and white, in spite of having no simple answer. I choose the crucial moments or periods when their key players faced internal conflicts and boundary situations. /Operation Anthropoid, Germans who fought against Nazism, the miracle of the priest in Čihošť and his murder by the state police, the Cold War and the 1980s atmosphere in Eastern Europe, the dark side of modern Western society/





2005-2006 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague /Studio of Vladimír Skrepl/
2005 Robert Gordon University, Gray School of Art, Aberdeen, United Kingdom
2002-2004 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague /Studio of Michael Rittstein/
2000-2002 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague /Studio of Karel Nepraš/


2023 Karel Pippich Exhibition Hall, Chrudim – God blessed America
2022 Gallery Prostor 228, Liberec – The Healer
  Avoid Gallery, Prague – Radio Propaganda Starts Broadcasting
2021 Gallery Caesar, Olomouc – Close Your Eyes, Everything Will be Fine
2020 Art Space NOV, Pardubice – In the Kitchen Under the Table, In My Atomic Shelter
  Gallery Optika, Zlin – Once Upon a Time in Gottwaldov
  Cargo Gallery, Prague /virtual only/ – Atomic Age
2019 Gallery nEUROPA /Kultur Aktiv, Dresden, Germany – My Atomic Age
  Gallery UFFO, Trutnov – A_TEN_TÁTY__
2018 Gallery HŠ, Holešovická Šachta, Prague – I'll Burn a Demon In a Cabriolet
2017 Gallery Suteren, Brno – Kurt Gerstein Report
2016 Gallery 1.2.3., Prague – The Last Day of Conspirators
  Gallery Panský dvůr, Veselí n.Moravou – I Got It, Agent Cooper
  Gallery Dole, Ostrava /with Bára Lungová/ – Maybe the Magician Will Also Come
2015 Gallery Kabinet Chaos, Polička /with Pavel Klvaňa/ – The Black Tudor Is Coming
2012 City Theatre, Zlín – Virgo
2011 Gallery Vednevnoci, Hodonín – Rendezvous At the End Of the World
  Gallery Final, Prague – Mirror, Show Me the Reality
  Gallery ZAS /Observatory/, Zlín – Planet Earth Is Almost Perfect
2008 La fabrika, Prague – Wu-Man
2007 Gallery V zahradě, Kolín – Love My Man
2006 Gallery AVU, Prague /with guests/ – Do You Love My Man?


2023 Regional Gallery of Fine Arts, Zlín – Zlin Salon / contemporary art triennial
  Sint-Tillokerk, Kerkplein, Izegem, Belgium – Iz'Art twinning 2023
2022 KUNST/MITTE, Magdeburg, Germany – International Art Fair
2021 Gallery Caesar, Olomouc – 30 Years
  Gallery 90° + Rock cafe, Prague – Už je nejhůř II
  Valid World Hall Gallery, Barcelona, Spain – Barcelona Contemporary
2020 Runde Ecke, Dresden, Germany – Strömungen „Glocal Emotions“
2019 Gallery Millennium, Prague – Painting III
  Hosek Contemporary, Berlin, Germany – Improvised & Experimental
  Gallery Gabor Sillye, Hajdúböszörmény, Hungary – International Art Colony
  City Gallery of Pilsen – Other Voices, Other Rooms
2017 Gallery 2nd Floor, Zlín – Third Space /presentation of projects/
  Art Space NOV, Pardubice – Waste and Art III
  Gallery of the Slovácko Museum, Uherské Hradiště – Memento Tiziani
2016 The Chemistry Gallery, Prague – Forest-ink
  Kunstwerk Carlshütte, Büdelsdorf, Germany – NordArt
  Gallery Orlovna, Kroměříž – Memento Tiziani
  Gallery UFFO, Trutnov – Multipoint
2015 Cinema Světozor, Prague – 100 Posters for Terry´s Socks
2014 Gallery SPP, Bratislava, Slovakia – Multipoint
  Slovak Institute, Warsaw, Poland – Multipoint
  Gallery Oravska, Dolný Kubín, Slovakia – Multipoint
2012 Church of St. Anthony of Peduan, Sokolov – From Nowhere, For Nothing, Near the Border
  Moving Station, Pilsen – The Body Is the Earthly Garden of Suffering 
  Divus Prager Kabarett, Prague – Loving Antikrist
2011 Gallery Gottfrei, Opava – Salon 1
  Gallery Vednevnoci, Hodonín – Salon 2011
  Gallery of Fine Arts, Hodonín – Young Meeting, XII. International Triennial of Young Artists
2010 MeetFactory, Prague – Artyčok. TV- Art Fair
  Gallery Univerzum, Nitra, Slovakia – Multipoint- International Art Symposium
  Gallery Orlovna, Kroměříž – Great Stories of Someone Else
  Gallery Mine Michal, Ostrava – Girl´s Dream
  Exhibition Hall - Synagogue, Hranice – Girl´s Dream
2009 Regional Gallery of Fine Arts /Graphic Cabinet/, Zlín – Zlín's Picture of the World
  Regional Gallery of Fine Arts, Zlín – 5th Salon of Young Artists
  Reduta, Brno – Girl´s Dream
2008 Gallery of Fine Arts, Hodonín – Small Format
  Gallery of Fine Arts, Hodonín – Young Meeting- XI. International Triennial of Young Artists
  Gallery Dolmen, Brno – Three
2007 Castle Gallery, Uherský Ostroh – Intimacy
2006 Gallery AVU, Prague – Spoon Pool
  National Gallery - Trade Fair Palace, Prague – AVU Graduates
  NoD, Prague – Students of Vladimír Skrepl
  Regional Gallery of Fine Arts, Zlín – 4th Salon of Young Artists
  FAVU, Brno – Students of Vladimír Skrepl
2005 Gallery Dining Room, Česká Lípa – Contemporary Czech Collage
  Gallery U dobrého pastýře, Brno – Artkontakt
  House of Culture, Opava – Karel Nepraš Lesbian School
2004 Theatre Novanta, Mělník – Variation 2004
  Gallery Vltavín, Prague – Sichr Is Sychr
  Exhibition Hall of Karel Pippich, Chrudim – Down Without
2003 Theatre of Oskar Nedbal, Tábor – Noisy Subscription
  Gallery Husa na provázku, Brno – Kalba
  City Museum and Gallery, Svitavy – Tavba
  City Museum of Hořice v Podkrkonoší – After Year
  Theatre of Oskar Nedbal, Tábor – Karel Nepraš Sculpture School
2002 City Gallery, Trutnov – Karel Nepraš Sculpture School


2020 18. Kunstsymposium Strömungen/Proudení "Glocal Emotions", Dresden, Germany 
2019 Internatiol Artistic Creation Workshop, Hajdúság, Hungary
2017 Waste and Art III, Pardubice
2012 Opava Semi-finished Product, symposium Gottfrei Opava
2010 Multipoint - International Art Symposium, Nitra, Slovakia
2008 Small Format, Hodonín
2003 Pacov Meridian, Pacov


Marek collection, CZ

Gallery of the Slovak Museum Uh. Hradiste, CZ
Gallery of Fine Arts Hodonin, CZ
City Gallery Hajdúböszörmény, HU
private collections


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/texts can be read in the News section/


YouTube Channel Kodlc Chrudim, reportage from the exhibition (Karel Pippich Exhibition Hall) / 2023


Czech TV, CT Art, reportage from the exhibition (Gallery Caesar), directed by Helena Dohnalová / 2021


Czech Radio Vltava, interview from the exhibition (Art Space NOV), directed by Naďa Kubínková / 2020


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Czech TV, Culture - TV medallion, directed by Jan Dadák / 2010


Czech Radio Vltava, interview from the exhibition (AVU Gallery), directed by Karel Oujezdský / 2006